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Analyzing the Disney Villains Gaston & His Costume Ideas

Gaston is a fictional character and the main villain in Disney’s movie “Beauty and the Beast.” He is a self-absorbed and narcissistic hunter who is determined to win the hand of Belle, the film’s protagonist, in marriage. However, when she refuses his advances and falls in love with the Beast, Gaston becomes obsessed with destroying their romance and destroying the Beast.

Gaston is first introduced in the movie as a charismatic and handsome man, who is the most popular and admired person in the small village. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that his charm is superficial and that he is actually a cruel and selfish individual. He is shown to be a bully who uses his physical strength and popularity to intimidate and control others. He is also shown to be incredibly narrow-minded and bigoted, as he is unable to see the beauty and humanity in those who are different from him.

One of the most iconic moments in the movie is when Gaston rallies the villagers to storm the Beast’s castle in order to kill him and rescue Belle. This scene serves as a powerful reminder of the dangers of mob mentality and the importance of thinking for oneself and not blindly following others.

Another memorable moment in the movie is when Gaston finally confronts the Beast in a climactic battle at the castle. He is ultimately defeated by the Beast and falls to his death, but not before causing significant damage and endangering the lives of others. This scene serves as a reminder of the destructive power of hate and the importance of recognizing the humanity in others, even those who are different from us.

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Throughout the movie, Gaston’s character arc serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of vanity, prejudice and the importance of empathy, compassion, and self-reflection. He is a complex and multi-faceted villain, whose actions are driven by his own insecurities, societal prejudices and the need to feel superior.

Gaston’s portrayal has been criticized for promoting toxic masculinity and the idea that men should use physical strength and aggression to assert their dominance. Additionally, Gaston’s character also reinforces the harmful stereotype of the “psycho ex-boyfriend” who becomes violent and dangerous when he doesn’t get what he wants. It is important to be aware of these stereotypes and to critically examine the media we consume in order to avoid perpetuating harmful ideas.

Gaston Costume

A Gaston costume typically includes a hunting outfit, which includes a brown or green vest, a white or cream-colored collared shirt, and a pair of brown or green pants or breeches. A pair of brown or black boots, a black belt and a hunting hat may also be worn to complete the look. A black wig may also be worn to resemble Gaston’s hairstyle in the movie “Beauty and the Beast.”

Gaston Upcoming Release

An eight-episode limited musical series that’ll serve as a prequel to Belle and the Beast’s story is coming your way where we can once again witness Gaston.


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