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Analyzing the Disney Villains: Amos Slade & Costume Ideas

Amos Slade is a Disney villain from the 1981 film “The Fox and the Hound“. He is a hunter and the owner of Copper, the foxhound who befriends Tod, the fox. Slade is portrayed as a gruff and bitter man who is determined to hunt and kill Tod, despite Copper’s friendship with him.

Slade is characterized as a middle-aged man with a rough, rugged appearance. He is often seen wearing a red and black hunting outfit, and is armed with a rifle. He is a skilled hunter and tracker, and is not afraid to use his weapons to kill animals.

Slade’s ultimate goal is to hunt and kill Tod, whom he sees as a nuisance and a threat to his hunting business. He is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this goal, including setting traps and tracking Tod through the forest. He also tries to turn Copper against Tod, using various methods such as training Copper to hunt Tod and separating them.

Despite his villainous nature, Slade is also shown to have a softer side, particularly when it comes to Copper. He cares deeply for his dog and is heartbroken when Copper runs away to be with Tod.

In the end, Slade is ultimately defeated when Copper chooses to stay with Tod and Slade leaves the forest, his hunting business and reputation ruined.

Amos Slade is an example of a Disney villain who is driven by his personal ambition and greed. He represents the dangers of human interference in the balance of nature and how it can harm both animals and humans. He’s a reminder of how our actions can have consequences that we might not be able to predict and how sometimes our greed can lead us to harm innocent beings.

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Amos Slade Costume

Here are a few ideas for creating an Amos Slade costume:

  1. The basic elements of the costume would include a red and black hunting outfit, such as a red flannel shirt, black pants and a black hunting vest. You can also add a black hat and a pair of boots to complete the look.
  2. To create the rugged and rough appearance of the character, you could use makeup to add wrinkles and age spots to your face and hands.
  3. To create the look of a hunter, you could carry a rifle or a bow and arrow as an accessory.
  4. To make the costume more recognizable you could add a patch with the letter “S” on it, to represent the first letter of his last name.
  5. You could also add a hunting dog or a stuffed animal of a foxhound as an accessory.

Remember that these are just ideas and you can always add or remove elements to make your costume unique and authentic.


Amos Slade Death

He is the main antagonist of the movie and is portrayed as a hunter who is determined to capture and kill Tod, the fox. However, in the movie, Amos Slade is not shown to die. The story instead focuses on the relationship between Tod and Copper, and the theme of friendship and loyalty.

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