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Everything you need to know about Disney Villains Madame Medusa

Madame Medusa is a villainous character from the Disney animated film, “The Rescuers.” She is a greedy and manipulative woman who is determined to find the world’s largest diamond, the Devil’s Eye. Madame Medusa is voiced by the actress Geraldine Page in the film.

In the movie, Madame Medusa is the owner of a seedy pawn shop in New York City, but she is also a former circus performer and an expert criminal. She is a ruthless and cunning woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means putting the lives of others in danger. She hatches a plan to find the Devil’s Eye, a diamond that is said to be hidden in a cave deep in the bayou. To find the diamond, she kidnaps a young orphan girl named Penny and forces her to dive into the cave and retrieve the diamond.

Madame Medusa is a classic Disney villain, as she is driven by greed and a desire for power. She is willing to do anything to achieve her goals, including endangering the life of a young girl. She is also physically intimidating, standing tall and imposing, with a deep and menacing voice.

Throughout the movie, Madame Medusa’s actions become increasingly desperate and desperate as she becomes more and more obsessed with finding the Devil’s Eye. She is willing to risk her own life and the lives of others to achieve her goal. She is also shown to be physically abusive towards Penny, hitting her when she fails to retrieve the diamond and even threatening to kill her if she doesn’t retrieve it.

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To achieve her goal, Madame Medusa also employs the help of two alligators, Brutus and Nero, who she has trained to do her bidding. The alligators are also a reflection of her own ruthless and dangerous nature.

However, Madame Medusa’s plan ultimately fails as Penny is rescued by the titular characters of the movie, two mice named Bernard and Bianca, who are members of the Rescue Aid Society. In the end, Madame Medusa is arrested and the Devil’s Eye is returned to its rightful owners.

Madame Medusa’s character serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and the lengths that some people will go to achieve their goals. She is a reminder that power and wealth are not worth endangering the lives of others.

In addition to her role in the movie, Madame Medusa has become a popular Disney villain among fans and has made appearances in various Disney media such as Disney Parks, Disney on Ice and Disney Cruise Line.

Madame Medusa Costume

A Madame Medusa costume is a popular choice for Halloween and other costume parties, as well as for fans of the Disney animated film “The Rescuers.” The costume is based on the character of the villainous Madame Medusa, who is known for her greed and desire for power.

The typical Madame Medusa costume consists of a long, elegant purple dress. The dress is usually made of a high-quality fabric such as satin or velvet, and it is often trimmed with lace or other decorative details. The dress typically has a high collar, long sleeves, and a full skirt that falls to the floor. Some costumes may also include a matching hat or veil.

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In addition to the dress, the costume may also include a pair of purple high heels or boots. To complete the look, you can add some elegant jewelry such as a necklace and earrings. Some people may also choose to include a small purple purse or handbag.

To achieve the look of Madame Medusa, it is important to pay attention to hairstyle and makeup. The character is often depicted with dark hair styled in a bun or chignon, and a pale face with dark, dramatic eye makeup. Some people may choose to add a pair of false eyelashes or a dramatic red lipstick to complete the look.

To truly capture the villainous Madame Medusa character, people might also choose to carry a replica of the Devil’s Eye diamond or a large prop of the alligators Brutus and Nero, which Madame Medusa used to further her plans.

Overall, a Madame Medusa costume is a great choice for anyone looking for a classic and elegant costume with a villainous twist. With the right dress, accessories, and makeup, you can easily transform yourself into the iconic villain from the beloved Disney film “The Rescuers.”


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