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Analyzing the Disney Villains Queen Narissa & Her Costume Ideas

Disney’s Queen Narissa is a fictional character from the 2007 Disney film “Enchanted.” She is the main antagonist of the film, and is portrayed by Susan Sarandon.

Queen Narissa is the ruler of the animated kingdom of Andalasia, and is the stepmother of the film’s protagonist, Giselle. She is a powerful and cunning ruler, who will stop at nothing to maintain her hold on the kingdom, including banishing Giselle to the live-action world of New York City.

Queen Narissa’s character is heavily influenced by the classic fairy tale villain, the evil stepmother. She is jealous of Giselle’s beauty and popularity, and sees her as a threat to her own power. She is also willing to do whatever it takes to maintain her youth and beauty, even resorting to dark magic to do so.

Throughout the film, Queen Narissa uses her magic to try to eliminate Giselle and her friends, including turning herself into a dragon to attack Giselle in New York City. However, her plans are ultimately foiled by Giselle and her friends, who are able to defeat her and restore the kingdom of Andalasia to its rightful ruler.

Despite her villainous actions, Queen Narissa is not a one-dimensional character. The film also explores her motivations and backstory, revealing that she was once a kind and loving mother who was driven to desperation and darkness by the loss of her son.

In the end, Queen Narissa’s downfall is a result of her own arrogance and her inability to let go of her past. She ultimately realizes the error of her ways and sacrifices herself to save Giselle and her friends, redeeming herself in the eyes of the audience.

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Overall, Queen Narissa is a complex and compelling villain, whose actions and motivations are rooted in both her own desires for power and her past traumas. She is a memorable and important character in the Enchanted film, and a great example of a fairy tale villain brought to life on the big screen.

Queen Narissa Costume

Queen Narissa’s costume in the Disney film “Enchanted” is designed to reflect her status as the powerful ruler of the animated kingdom of Andalasia. Her wardrobe is opulent and regal, featuring rich fabrics and intricate details.

In the film, Queen Narissa is often seen wearing a long, flowing gown made of purple and gold brocade. The dress has a fitted bodice with a high collar and long, bell-shaped sleeves. The skirt is full and voluminous, with a long train that trails behind her as she walks. The dress is adorned with gold trim and jewels, and is completed with a matching purple and gold crown.

For her transformation scene into a dragon, her costume is a mix of medieval and dragon features. She wears a black and purple bodice that has a dragon tail and dragon wings on the back. A matching black skirt completes the look.

Queen Narissa’s costume also features a variety of other opulent accessories, including long gloves, a gold-trimmed cape, and a variety of jeweled necklaces and earrings. These details help to create a sense of grandeur and majesty for the character, highlighting her status as the ruler of Andalasia.

Overall, Queen Narissa’s costume is designed to convey her character’s power, wealth, and status, while also referencing traditional fairy tale imagery. The costume is a great example of how costume design can be used to enhance a character’s personality and story in a film.

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